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From the principles of quantum theory - the superposition of matter and quantum entanglement - the field of Quantum Computing (QC) was born, still in the 1950s, in the USA. With it we can address problems that are still impossible to solve with conventional Classical Computing, such as the development and operation of an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) that processes large volumes of data, the execution of optimization algorithms that require a high number of iterations and simulations of complex physical systems, such as weather forecasting, protein folding simulation, among others. Quantum Computing is a highly disruptive technology that will revolutionize our society for decades to come.

This is how NtropiQ was born, a spinoff of the Wernher von Braun Center for Advanced Research, an R&D company that aims to develop applications of Quantum Technology / Quantum Computing to solve business and industrial problems. We have a partnership involving professors from renowned Brazilian universities, who have been carrying out research in the area of Quantum Physics for decades, in addition to the extensive market experience of the von Braun Center in exploring basic research concepts and applying them in business contexts.

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Quantum Communication

Communication channel integrity certification system, guaranteeing high security standards


Computational Systems

Quantum random number generator, more efficient in its randomness than conventional generators


Artificial Intelligence

Development of artificial intelligence based on quantum algorithms, more complex and with greater processing power

Advanced Algorithms

Development of advanced algorithms for various industrial and commercial applications




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